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Bhalchandra Colorlab Ahmedabad
Manesh Modi - 94265 16782
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Our Services

We print digital photographs using the latest laser printing technology. We accept digital image files created by various photo capturing devices like mobile phones and digital cameras. All varieties of media are accepted ranging from CD/DVD’s and portable storage USB media to solid state digital storage media like memory cards as SD card, Compact Flash and so on.

The laser printing technology is also used to print photos from non-digital sources like traditional color film/ negatives. In this case, the negatives are first scanned to digital images and then printed using laser printing.

Dust, spots or fingerprints are avoided automatically when printing images obtained from you through digital media. You can choose to have the photos printed on glossy or matt color paper.

Laser Print with Color Border
Print your photos with color/ white border, or borderless.

Scheme for Color Roll Developing and Printing (D&P)
Develop a color roll and get Laser prints with/ without special fix rates with free gifts.

View your pictures with different transition effects and background music through the Computer/ TV

Data CD/ DVD
Store your pictures in a more durable storage media like CD/ DVD. You can then use the same if you need reprints of those pictures in future according to the stored resolution.

Our branches have studios equipped with digital cameras, studio lights and reflectors and plain/colorful backgrounds. Try getting your solo/group pictures shot at our studios.

Passport/ Foreign Visa Photo
You get 12 to 56 prints in different sizes* on a 6"x8" / 8x12" photo sheet.

The photo sheets are available in pre-designed formats labeled M1 to M11. The different formats have different sizes* of photos on a photo sheet in different numbers
* ( PP = 35 x 45 mm, IT = 25 x 35 mm, Foreign Visa = 35 x 35mm, USA Visa Photo = 35 x 40 mm/ 50 x 50 mm, Stamp =10.6 x 20.4 mm ). Note: Different authorities may require different sizes.

Foreign Visa Photo
Get your passport photo for foreign Visa in the required size, background color and proper face angle required by different authorities.

Urgent Passport/ Foreign Visa Photo
Passport/ Foreign Visa photos are obtained within 20 minutes in case of emergency.

These photos can be obtained by any of the following means:
• Having your photos taken at one of our studio locations.
• Bringing your photos in one of the digital media.
• Bringing a negative film strip of more than 2 negatives of your previously shot picture.
• Bringing your B&W or color photo in any size.

You can have all or selected pictures of an occasion like a wedding printed and bound like a book having individual frame designs and background selected by our experienced photo artists. Such photo books are available in approximate 8"x 6", 12"x18" or larger sizes. The top and bottom covers of the album are creatively designed by mixing and merging the key pictures highlighting the occasion. The front cover will, of course, have the title (suggested by you) in suitable attractive fonts.

You would have many wonderful chapters of your life, like kids, marriage or vacation stored in forms of pictures. You can select two or more of such pictures and have them mixed and merged using a different background in your desired print size. The most popular size is 8" x 12".

Photos can be inserted in colorful designs/ frames of your choice in desired print size.

You get color photo in your desired print size converted from your B&W/ Old photo of any size. You can also insert your name, date or any caption that new photo.

Enjoy a calendar having photos of your choice inserted into 4-month or 12-month wire-wound calendar.

Select a photo frame in any size from 4" x 6" to 2' x 3' or in a bigger size as needed by you.

Store your precious video memories in a more durable storage media like CD/DVD.
Products and Accessories
We Also sell Digital Cameras, Camera Chargers, Camera Batteries, Mobile Phones, Storage Media Cards and Photos Goods.

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